Lisa Lofgren

I am striving for the knowledge of the old. I am extracting the poetic observance and artistic practice of artists such as Botticelli (Italian-1400s), Hokusai (Japanese-1800s), and Frankenthaler (Jewish American-1900s) through my own voice. My hope is to bring this knowledge and language into a contemporary conversation on how we record, interpret and interact with our natural surroundings and the history laden within these surroundings. 

Regarding her art, Lisa looks to highlight the instances of discovery and moments of recognition through emotive, visual abstractions, allowing herself to get lost in the evolving subtleties of the print and the process. The resulting works, often inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, are translations of landscape, texture, body and diagrams that reveal a presence of something more, an accumulation of knowledge, both unifying and honest.